Summary Of They Say By Martin Luther King Jr

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In Martin Luther King Jr’s quote, he exposes that education teaches a person to think intensively and to think critically. One of the author’s main ideas is to tell people that education is able to make people intensively to what they do, because this is a way to make you success in college. On the another side, education is to teach one to think critically is mean that people have to learn what they mistake on, so they are able to change their mistake and become a better person. Education helps people to get the job they want, to desire and achieve their goal and make their own personal character. The real education goal is to encourage people to learn, and to use the knowledge in order to become an intelligence person, and to build their…show more content…
In one of the article we have read in the book They Say I Say describes, college is prepare people for job, but college is more prepare people to life in the another way. It is true that education helps people for life and that is the main function of the education. For example, my friend’s aunt Alba is who gets a doctor degree to earn more than $200,000 a year. Alba’s husband is who gets elementary diploma and the boss of the farm. They are both rich, but they are total different person. They always argue for small things and divorce at the end. Alba says, “ we are divorce is because my husband never believe me, and he is easy to believe what another people say, and what he see, he never give me a chance to explain.” Alba feels the education give her difference opinion with his husband. Difference level of education gives people difference opinion. Education is very important to people, it will function them to know something they might not know, to think about something they have never know about, to forward them in the right
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