Summary Of Tim O Brian's The Things They Carried

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Throughout the centuries of time, war has affected everyone. this truth is evident in Tim O' Brian's "The Things They Carried". however even to this day war affects more than the soldiers and their families, war affects t civilians that are caught in the crossfire. Many children and families are killed or wounded. children are left as orphans expected to fend for themselves. this is depicted in both the articles and the book. In the book "The Things They Carried" there is a short story about a young woman who visits a medical base, while there she asks the troops about how their equipment works. she is an innocent young girl that is blind to all that happens during war.
"At the end of the second week, when four casualties came in, Mary Anne
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the blast sheered off several of Yosef's tiny fingers, badly wounded his father and killed his mother, Mina Scharf, one of the first to die on the Israeli side of the border."(Sidner, Sara, "Children of the Conflict: Innocence Interrupted by War",, November 26, 2012, Web. June 28, 2015).
These losses will cause them to be forced to grow up faster than any child in any European country or the U.S.A. these children are going to have a hard time searching for future employment. they will likely suffer from famine and poverty unless they are taken care of by their extended family. even then they will likely die to poverty. In the book the author Tim O' Brian kills a man from the 44th Vietcong division. he says in the book that he was astonished at the damage he caused. the realization that he had just taken a life and that it will never be given back. the fact that he had just someone an unimaginable amount of grief. he stood staring at the body for
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he will carry that image in his head to his grave. Children in the country of Syria are being faced to think as adults would, and maturing to fast and losing the fun of being a child. these children were originally either caught in or fighting in the in the Syrian Civil War. now due to ISIS they are being executed for refusing to follow shari'ah law.
"Many of the charges against those executed are recorded as blasphemy and spying, but others include sorcery, sodomy, practicing as a Shia Muslim."(Zimmerman, Malia,, July 2, 2015, Web. July 5, 2015). Children are losing their fathers and are being forced to become the so called "breadwinners" of the family just so they and their families can survive. These are children that are the same age as my peers and I yet they are forced to go through trivial hardships and must find a way to survive or they may
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