Summary Of To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 1-11

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“Hansel was ten and his sister, Gretel, was eleven when their stepmother decided to get rid of them. They didn’t catch on at first, because Hagmom (their secret name for her) had always hated them. So leaving them behind at the supermarket or forgetting to pick them up after school was no big deal. It was only when their father got in on the “disappearing the kids” act that they realized it was serious. Although, he was a weak man, they thought he might still love them enough to stand up to Hagmom. They realized he didn’t the day he took them out into the woods. Hansel wanted to do the whole Boy Scout thing and take a water bottle and a pile of other stuff, but their dad said they wouldn’t need it. It’d only be a short walk. Then he dumped…show more content…
Hagmom was super angry, but Hansel and Gretel said that they “forgave” her, and said that they have a surprise for her. They led her to the candy house. Hagmom began eating the house, while Hansel and Gretel rushed inside, and into the…show more content…
“You still hungry?” The witch scowled at them from the floor. “Of course I’m hungry! Why do you think I live in a house of candy?! For one it's very fattening. And it gets people to come here so I can eat them!” “Well,” said Gretel. “We think we found you something fatter than 2 children.” “Really?” asked the witch. Hansel and Gretel took the witch outside and took off her hand-cuffs. The witch saw the Hagmom eating everything candy in sight. The witch smiled. She’d never seen anything fatter. “Thanks,” said the witch. “With this I’ll be full for 5 years!” With that, the witch grabbed Hagmom with a hardened licorice rope, and tied it tight onto two pretzel sticks firmly in the ground. Underneath Hagmom, was a fire-pit. Hansel and Gretel took off on the magic broom, hearing Hagmom’s screams for help. Hansel and Gretel never heard from her or the witch again. Not much happened after that. Their father took care of them, and Hansel and Gretel helped make money by selling lemonade, cupcakes or cookies. And their father never had to drive them to school. For Hansel and Gretel had a ride of their own. It could fly, do tricks, and impress everyone at school. The
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