Summary Of Tolkien's Lecture 'On Fairy Stories'

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In Tolkien’s lecture “On Fairy-Stories,” he wants the readers to understand that the nature of the Universe is creative. The Universe can create many things whether they are alive or if they are not real. In the Universe anything is possible and it can come to live if the human allows it to. In the lecture it explains why the universe is creative by saying that it has “beauty that is an enchantment, and an ever present peril; both joy and sorrow as sharp as words.” The Universe is so creative that it is like an enchantment where people can experience both happiness and sadness. It enables the human being to image things that can be possible or that can be created with its mind.
Another way in which the lecture gives a good explanation for why the Universe is creative is when Tolkien talks about the definition
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In the lecture Tolkien tells the readers that the man has the power to create stories in order to describe the events of what people are going through. They can express these stories as “satire, adventure, morality, and fantasy” and “causes it to take living form and colour before the eyes.” This makes the readers understand that the fairy stories are created with the intentions to relate to existing events happening, but can be seen in different ways and told by different personifications.
While the nature of the Universe is creative and the nature of the man is inventive, the last part that we are left with is how to be happy. According to Tolkien’s lecture in order to be happy the man needs to know how to say its story. The man can become a “sub-creator” when he creates the fairy stories and makes his own inventive “representation or symbolic interpretation of the beauties and terrors of the world.” When the human is able to do this, it has reached to the point where it can make people imagine a different world where they can go and have their desires come to
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