Summary Of Tradition By Tobias Wolff

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The community seems annoyed and bored towards the tradition. It seems like the tradition has become meaningless because of the way the villagers react. They sometimes seem numb but other times scared and nervous of what is happening. However, they do not stop practicing the tradition nor rebel against it 3- The fact that the writer has chosen to tell the story from a nonparticipant point of view makes the end more powerful. As readers, we don’t know how the villagers feel but we just sense tension and weird attitudes of what is happening. The third person point of view creates a greater impact to the end of the story because it does not tell us what the people are really thinking or feeling. Also, the narrator sometimes has an omniscient point of view to give the reader small but important details.…show more content…
Religious orthodoxy practices their beliefs in a specific way that they believe in. However, I think in the story there is an attack to how powerful traditions can be even in a small group of people. When it no longer makes sense to a small town like this one why should they practice it? Sometimes traditions stop making sense as time goes by. We change and times change and traditions can become meaningless to those who did not live to see why the tradition started. In this case, not all the villagers seem to be fine with the tradition. As a matter of fact, some villagers say a couple of times that other towns have already stopped practicing it. I believe the story claims that if the tradition served for a specific purpose that is no longer worth it or necessary it should be abolished. For religious orthodoxy is different, they know the history behind there traditions and respect those who sacrificed for
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