Summary Of Truffles's 'The Apple Of His Eye'

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Truffles accepts a job from Rigatoni to be the head waiter of his pizzeria. Rigatoni tries to tell Truffles about his beautiful daughter, Bruschetta. She is "the apple of his eye" and he would do anything ... ANYTHING for his daughter's happiness. Truffles, having a difficult time understanding Rigatoni, thinking he is talking about bruschetta, the food, and shows he is really hungry and would love to try some of Rigatoni's bruschetta. Rigatoni is offended by Truffles remarks and slaps him.

Rigatoni and Cannoli were childhood best friends, but, due to a misunderstanding, became enemies. Rigatoni despises Cannoli and spits every time he says his name, while Canolli makes a disgusted face and shutters every time he hears Rigatoni name. Truffles mistakenly asks if Rigatoni's restaurant serves "cannoli", his favorite dessert. When Rigatoni hears this, he goes on a tirade explaining the rivalry, confusing Truffles even more.

Rigatoni shows Truffles the kitchen and introduces him to the cooks and kitchen servants, Piero and Bigolo. These two bumbling servants try their best, but are usually cause a bigger mess than be entirely helpful. When Rigatoni is present, they are always looking extremely busy, knowing exactly what to do, but once he leave the room, they become more foolish, always wanting to have a good time and playing jokes on each other.

Although Truffles has never managed a restaurant before, he loves food. How hard can it be?
He tells the two servants to get to
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