Summary Of 'Twelve Labors Of Heracles'

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The Summary of the “Twelve Labors of Heracles”

Heracles was born the son of Zeus. Heracles mother was not Hera but Alcmene a mortal. Heracles was born with great strength but also with a hot temper. Hera hated Heracles from the time he was a born. Heracles was sent to a farm to work his temper off. Heracles did his time and worked hard. The King of Thebes aloud Heracles to marry his daughter, but Hera was always one step ahead of Heracles. After, Heracles and his wife had few children Hera casted a madness spell on Heracles causing him to kill his family. Heracles could not forgive himself for his terrible deed so he did twelve of the hardest tasks ever. The Prince Eurystheus was to give the twelve tasks, with the help from Hera. Heracles
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