Summary Of Vaccines And Autism By Bernard Rimland

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Summary of “Vaccines and Autism” In the journal of “Vaccines and Autism” author Bernard Rimland looks at the possible role of vaccines in autism. Rimland provides crucial data in understanding autism, the possible role of vaccines in autism, and the risks of vaccines in certain children. Rimland states before his article that, “There is no consensus about biological determents of autism” (708). This being said, in his journal he points out various reasons how vaccines could lead to autism. Vaccines help immunize people against certain diseases, but are they causing others? Rimland explores this question by talking about the absence of antibodies and vitamin A, vaccines containing mercury preservatives, and MMR vaccines.
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Components of wild measles increases many doubts of the MMR vaccine. Wild measles was a case of a small number of measles vaccine recipients that experienced rash and fevers after the MMR vaccine. According to Rimland in his journal, “MMR was confirmed as secondary to the virus that caused wild measles” (714).
Rimland shows his stance in his journal by expressing his thoughts about absent antibodies, his thoughts on mercury exposure, and his thoughts about the MMR vaccine. Absent antibodies showed that after vaccinations, T cells are low in autistic subjects. Mercury exposure showed that many of the symptoms of the exposure are often found in autistic subjects. And the MMR vaccine showed that MMR is doubted, it is doubted because of wild measles. In result of the main points of Rimland’s journal, you can see the answer to the question; vaccines do cause other diseases. The way Rimland wrote these few pages of information was very educated. During my reading of his pages I found many studies that others had performed that gave great evidence to his words. I really admired his organization in his pages. For example, before he started his pages of work he had background information of vaccines and autism just to give you a little bit of information before you started reading. He also had titles before each section to tell you what the section explains. Considering his organization skills and great evidence I also believe that
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