Summary Of Veronica Roth's Book 'Carve The Mark'

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Veronica Roth has many inspiring quotes and lines in her book, Carve the Mark, but only one really stood out to me when reading this week. The line that stood out to me was definitely, “And we were both, for once, laughing.” (pg 131). This line stood out to me the most for two reasons, Cyra and Akos are finally becoming friends and they are showing that people from Thuvhe and Shotet can get along. This line was also very surprising to me because Cyra and Akos are getting along, but also having fun. Cyra and Akos have been acquainted because of currentgifts for a while, but finally after a while they are getting along together. Cyra and Akos currentgifts are related to each other because Akos can cure Cyra’s pain every time he is touching her.
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