Summary Of Visual Imagery In The Book Of Sorrows

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Wangerin uses visual imagery in his novel The Book of Sorrows, and he does this by creating visuals for the reader by describing the surroundings and various aspects in the novel. Visual imagery is created by using element of sight, and appeals to the sense of sight. To create visual imagery, first the author must describe the item he or she is trying to write about. To do this, authors will use adjectives because readers can easily relate to these simple words, in such a way that readers are familiar with what is being said. Wangerin does this by using adjectives in his novel - “It was snowing, now, in a steady, silent dead-fall, filling all the little burrows of the earth, drifting mildly, blanketing everything with a kind of white…show more content…
Stephen King says “If I can say anything important to writers who are still learning the craft of fiction, it [is] this: Imagery does not occur on the writer’s page; it occurs in the reader’s mind. To describe everything is to supply a photograph in words[.]” Next, the author must use imagery effectively, to captivate the readers and encourage them to continue reading. Without the effective use of imagery, the author will lack enough detail in the story, and the readers will lose interest and eventually give up on the work. To do this, the author must contain enough information that the reader can understand what is being conveyed. Wangerin does this effectively throughout his novel, “He looked north and gasped at the sight, for the valley had gone so lovely in the snow. It was a deep and dazzling bowl, an amphitheater all white and silent, and old, and old…the snow had made eternity visible.” Here he painted a beautiful picture of the snow laden countryside, and has effectively captured the interest of the reader, to the point where for a moment the reader momentarily forgets what is happening in the story line. Cate Leona writes “In writing, the ability of the author to use imagery effectively will determine the reader’s impression. It is the
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