Summary Of ' Wake Up Dreamer '

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Chapter one (she’s in my hands) Wake up dreamer, Willa tells her thirty five-year-old son, who has come to visit her while she finishes her work in Spain…. She does free lance work as an architect. Wacobi, A retired pro football player…is there just to have her love him back to life again. Waboi 's father a retired Welder, teases him and then ask, why you haven’t married your own alarm clock, instead of bothering mines ? Wacobi smiles then tells his dad, I haven’t found one that works as good as yours so I need her to make sure I get up on time, then he says, as you know I burn the midnight oil… Roger, his dad tells him, son wake up…pray and ask the Lord to show you her…then he tells him, son hold your hands out. Wacobi did just that, then his father tells him, place them over your eyes then bring them back down and when you open your eyes tell me what do you see . Wacobi did as his father tells him…when he held his hands away from his face, he looks into his hands and seen a woman, who was angry and hitting a wall bowing in pain…. Wacobi said, dad I see her. Roger laughed and said, boy’ I was just playing, Wacobi looks at his father and say, no I really seen a woman hitting a wall in great pain, she was crying, his father ask, okay ' what she look like ? Wacobi tells him, I don’t know but I could hear her in my soul…Roger got serious and said, son maybe someone you were dating or just close to you, needs you…Wacobi smiled and then said, yeah like I just sense
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