Summary Of What Remains By Sally Mann

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The documentary What Remains follows photographer Sally Mann’s life over a span of five years as she balances being a mother, wife and photographer. In the film viewers are able to get an intimate glimpse of Mann’s creative process as she captures various images of her loved ones, landscapes, and even a new series that explores death. In this paper I will discuss Mann’s work detailing the criticism it receives as well as how my experience as a novice photographer parallels hers. Mann’s series Immediate Family, a collection published in 1992, in which used her husband and children as her subjects launched her into the photography world gained her international recognition. Due to the nature in which she photographed her children, which were…show more content…
When reflecting on the first photography assignment, I’d say that I definitely had several moments of uncertainty, considering I’ve never worked with a DSLR camera. When we first started out, I had no idea what I was doing and often found myself googling examples of different images trying to get a better idea of what to do. Then I just decided to stop thinking so hard about the assignment and just take pictures of what I found interesting, while trying to use what I’d learned in class. One particular image that turned out to be successful out of uncertainty was one I had gotten as I attempted to get a shot of traffic going passed at night. Though I did not end up with frozen in time cars in my image, I did end up with so pretty awesome images of the taillights as they went passed. Mann suggested that the way she made art was to take her inspiration from the ordinary. Something every day and ordinary that I used as inspiration for my project was the handicap ramp at my apartment complex. The ramp consists of a lite path on a slope leading up to the entrance. I shot this ramp at night from a few angles, just trying to see how it looked and it turned out to be a pretty good idea, and a good way to learn about light and how to utilize a DSLR in a creative
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