Summary Of When Life Gives You Everything By David Brooks

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Writing Analysis of David Brooks If you’re looking for an easy to read article about important and interesting topics, read an article by David Brooks. He writes about politics, culture and social sciences. He uses a one on one style and fact based writing to convey his messages and connects topics through comparison and real world examples, making good use of Logos, Ethos and Pathos to draw his readers in and either persuade them or provide them with a different perspective of a topic. Brooks has an interesting style, especially for a professional writer. The majority of his pieces have a very close and personal feel to them, like he’s talking to you. There is a relaxed feel as well, but with every topic and every claim he makes he provides a sense of urgency or importance. For example, using Pathos to evoke emotion in the reader whilst talking about selfish marriages and what one could enjoy in that marriage if they weren’t so self-centered in his article “When Life Gives You Everything”. “You might go into a marriage in a fit of passion, but, if it all works out, pretty soon you’re chopping vegetables side by side in the kitchen, chasing a naked toddler giddily down the hall after bath-time…” (Brooks, “When Life”) However, in many of his political pieces he also allows for a very calm feeling and makes the topics easy to understand unlike the heated debates and angry news reporters you see on TV. They feel less “threatening”. He uses this feeling to persuade or convince his readers to think or feel a certain way about a topic. Though he does have the ability to sway your opinion it doesn’t ever feel forced. Brooks’ talks about persuasion in his article “The Art Of Thinking Well”, “...think of how you really persuade people. Do you do it by writing thoughtful essays that carefully marshall facts?” (---. “The Art”) He hints to his own writing style here. Though he does use facts, quotations and plenty of other evidence in his pieces he doesn’t let them overwhelm the writing. “...the real way to persuade people is to create an attractive community that people want to join. If you do that, they’ll blend their opinions to yours.” (---. “The Art”) While he’s not creating a community he is creating an

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