Summary Of When People Think Of The Truth By Barry Shwarts

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When people think of the truth, people think of something that majority agree to. In the other side the author Barry Schwarts fights for the point that learning how to think it’s a personal thought. Schwartz specifies the major educational and goes over a rare question of what learning how to think means. As shown in the article peoples believes are based on others, collage education levels are dropping also the truth is being changed.
As stated in the article many people are certain of the truth but are afraid to speak up against the society in this case the majority. The facts that people are afraid supports the idea that independent thinking is not relative anymore. Schwarts also mentions "Relativism makes intellectual life easier" this shows that people recognize and at the same
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Many collages set goals of directing attention to teaching students how to think rather than teaching the specific of a particular profession. This goal is a complex one to achieve and not found in many collages. Workplaces are being put in positions they shouldn’t be in because collages are not training the future employees right. Another problem is that people that work together and in the same fields are with different perspectives and it leads poor decisions for the future of their clients.
The author also states that it is troubling to see how quickly an appreciation that each of us can attain only a partial grasp of the truth degrades into a view that there really isn't any truth out there to be grasped. This relates to everyone having their personal truth. It's like history, the winner writes the history how they prefer and people believe it is the truth. Until you hear or learn it you can grasp and appreciate what the truth really is. So, when it comes to truth everyone has their own grasp of it, and it depends on who the person
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