Summary Of ' Who Moved My Cheese '

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Throughout this paper I will be giving a synopsis for a book entitled Who Moved My Cheese, as well as answering questions that relate to the story. The story is a parable which stresses the importance of being able to adapt to change. The story includes four main characters: two mice, Sniffy and Scurry, and two little people, Hem and Haw. All four characters inhabit a maze, and spend their time seeking out cheese. The story peaks as both the mice and humans stumble upon a vast amount cheese at Cheese Station C. After finding the cheese the two humans become content with their find, and stop searching for more. In contrast the mice continue their search for cheese. The humans begin to become use to the vast amount of cheese, thus they begin a pattern of consuming the cheese without resupplying it. Eventually the cheese diminishes until there is none left. This slow decline of cheese is no surprise to the mice. Through observation during the period where both humans and mice consume the cheese, the mice mentally prepare themselves for the depletion of cheese. The mice then leave Cheese Station C to search for more cheese. Hem and Haw react differently to being void of cheese once again. When they arrive to Cheese Station C they are shocked to find out they do not have any more cheese. Hem becomes angry and proposes that someone has moved their cheese. After returning next day, it becomes confirmed to Hem and Haw that the cheese is gone. Haw proposes that they should
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