Summary Of ' Why Haven 't You Said Anything?

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“You’ve known for two weeks, why haven’t you said anything?” Sam was completely defenseless now, unsure of what to do or what to say. “Because I was hoping you would tell me, that you would trust me enough to tell me the truth. That you would trust me enough to help you. Obviously you didn’t,” Colleen’s voice was low again, looking down at her bag and not at Sam. “Please…please don’t leave.” Sam was pleading now, but he still wouldn’t touch her. If he had just hugged her, or even a hand on her shoulder, she would have broken down. She would have stayed. But he just stood here staring at her. “I won’t stand here and watch you kill yourself Sam. I can’t,” Colleen’s voice broke as she looked back up, letting a few tears escape. “You’ll say it’s for the greater good, that you have it under control, and it will be such a slow descent that we won’t notice until it’s too late to bring you back. I won’t be a part of that. I can’t.” “I’ll stop, I won’t have any more. I can go through detox and everything will be back to normal.” Sam took a step forward, closer than he had been to her unless they were sleeping for a long time. His eyes were wide and scared. If he would just touch her, they could work this out. However, he just stood there, his eyes pleading for her to understand, to break. She wanted nothing more to wrap her arms around him. To give him what he wanted. “But you won’t Sam,” Colleen sighed as she put her purse on her shoulder. “You’ll try to, but then there will be

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