Summary Of Why I Travel By Alain De Botton

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The short story by Alain de Botton, from 2002, takes place on the outskirts of Paris.
Firstly we are being presented to an elder French Duc, des Esseintes, who is our main and only character. Des Esseintes lives by himself in a villa, and prefers to be alone rather than among others. He rarely moves outside in public. Not since he once, in his younger days, went to a nearby village which only made him detest people even more. Since then he has always been at his home. Until one morning.
One day while reading a book by Dickens, the duc felt an intense desire to travel to London. He was inspired by the book because it showed visions of the English life, which he wished to see and experience.
So he decided to get his bags packed and take the train
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“On Anticipation” is, almost, a complete opposition to “Why I travel”, in the manner that the short story is being very critical against all kinds of travelling, and it seems so tough and full of problems to travel abroad. Not like the other text, where travelling has been an escape from the everyday life. Des Esseintes escapes home, when he gets out in…show more content…
and then I was planning a runaway”.
Though, he also says that he actually never did want to travel “I never wanted to travel” (that’s why it’s ‘almost’ a opposition), but he was almost forced by the pressure.
Des Essenties is a person who keeps him to himself, and he’s not that outgoing. He really rarely travels abroad. He is the opposite of a traveller, because travelling seems very unnecessary, because you can travel as weel at home.
In comparison to “Why I travel” “On Anticipation” is very differet and almost an opposition, because the main charaters have different views on travelling.
The main subject or theme in the short story is the willing to travel, and it’s described from one perspective, the perspective of des
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