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Wild by Cheryl Strayed, is a true story about how the author decided to drop everything she had left in life to walk about a thousand miles in over a span of three months; and she would be doing it all alone. Cheryl 's life fell apart when she was 22; she lost her mother to cancer, got addicted to drugs, and had sex with any guy that wanted to. Even though Cheryl had been married, that soon fell apart too when her husband, Paul, found out about her infidelity. Leading Cheryl to want to find the woman her mother always thought she was. Before the hike, the reader learns that Cheryl 's mother, Bobbi was only 19 when she got pregnant for the first time; she then married and abusive man. By the time Bobbi was 28 she had three kids; Cheryl, Karen and Leif, she had also managed to leave her abusive husband. Consequently, they moved to Minnesota, where Bobbi met Eddie; the two got married and bought a large stretch of land outside of Duluth, Minnesota. Cheryl spent her high school years helping her family build a house on their land. During Cheryl 's senior year in college, her mother was diagnosed with cancer; the doctors had promised a year, but Bobbi had died only a month after being diagnosed. At the age of 22 Cheryl lost her mother and her family spread apart and became distant. A week after her mother died, her marriage began to fall apart. However, Cheryl and her husband Paul moved to New York together; and that was when she began kissing and having sex with other men. They

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