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Marlenny Perez English 101: Social Justice Reflection Paper 3 Due: 2nd December 2015 Dear Editor, In Coates’ piece of writing, A Case of Reparations, he states that reparation is a means of full acceptance of our collective biography and its consequences, and is the price we must pay to see ourselves squarely; ' 'Perhaps no statistic better illustrates the enduring legacy of our country 's shameful history of treating black people as sub-citizens, sub-Americans, and sub-humans than the wealth gap. Reparations would seek to close this chasm. ' ' There are three major aspects in Coates’ article that have caught my attention: the stories of unknown people who are alive today, emphasis on black works establishing wealth, and the lack of emphasis on emotional harms of discrimination (Ben Mathis-Lilley, Having read this article concerning his arguments for reparations and citing the history of oppression, I am writing to express my opinion towards his assertion that justice should finally be served to people of color with a form of compensatory payment. Although he composes several arguments in which supports his declaration, I have to partially agree with it. Yes, there must be amends towards black people for shaping, and maybe even building, this country, but there are other matters that require our attention to a great extent like world hunger, sex trafficking or sexual misconduct, extreme poverty, and/or hopelessness. Despite being the biggest
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