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FOREWORD BY ROGER HOUSE My wife woke up one Monday morning and was making her way to the bathroom when she noticed a trail of blood. She was twelve weeks pregnant and now she was hemorrhaging. We called the doctor and were told we had lost our baby and needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible for surgery. All I could do was fall to the floor and cry. The next thing I did was call as many friends and churches as possible to ask them to pray. We made our way to the hospital, were put in an examination room and left there. No one checked on us. No one examined my wife. Finally, after nine hours of waiting, a doctor peeked in the room to see why we were still there. We told him our story and he put his fetal stethoscope on and started listening to my wife’s belly. He then told us news we were not expecting. He said, “Your baby is fine and her heartbeat is strong,” and then he ordered an ultrasound. Turns out we did not miscarry and today we have a 29-year-old daughter who is “the apple of her daddy’s eyes.” But until that day I never understood how devastating a miscarriage could be. I learned a valuable lesson that day, a lesson that has changed me to this day. I truly will never be the same and will never look at life the same way. Problems come and go and while they aren’t usually planned, they can cause us to be genuinely changed. But the storms in life can be a totally different story. Storms in life usually jump out and grab you and will cause you pain and
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