Summary Of Wynonna's Short Story: The Haunted House

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Unfamiliar horses were tied to the Homestead's posts, making a slightly injured Wynonna reach for Peacemaker, again. Revenants might not be allowed in Earpland anymore, but Wynonna was beginning to suspect not everything that wanted to kill her would be so explicit in nature. "Baby girl?" She called in, leaning against the door before kicking it in with her already-sore leg. "Uh- Wynonna-" Waverly smiled tight, a redhead slightly taken aback behind her. "Friend of yours?" Wynonna leaned against the wall, eyes still on the stranger as she undid her boots. The girl had a cup of tea, had obviously been welcomed in. Barely holding back a sigh, Wynonna concentrated a glare on Waverly. "Can I talk to you for a second?" "Mmm....can…show more content…
Tonight's moon wasn't visible or helpful, and Wynonna figured that would be her luck. When the commotion stopped as she neared, Wynonna was afraid maybe she was too late, but then gunshots rang out a little further ahead, spurring her to run towards the noise, Peacemaker drawn. A Revenant finally appeared in the dark first, mouth and shoulder bloody, backed up and bent over against a tree. "You again! You son of a bitch!" Wynonna charged forward, pressing Peacemaker against the wounded Revenants head, burning a smoking indent between his eyes. The night Wynonna turned 27, over a week ago now, this Rev had been waiting, just outside the Homestead, sneak-attacking her before dawn. While she'd managed to get away, he'd clawed her with his gross hangnails, and shaken her up, before running away himself. "Have fun in Hell." The shot echoed through the trees as the crackle of Hellfire swallowed the Revenant down. "So that's how that works, huh?" Xavier Dolls stepped out of a shadow, gun still drawn cautiously. Wynonna spun to face him, Peacemaker inches from his face; she was surprised when he didn't…show more content…
She saw the Revenant had scratched his arm too, ripped through the leather and lining of his
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