Summary Of ' Yes, Now '

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‘Yes, now’ It only took a few minutes to walk in silence from the Bridge to Jo’s house. Many times over the years when the girls were younger, Antonello picked Ashleigh up from or dropped her off at Jo’s house. From the street the house was hidden by shrubs and trees, there was an old wire fence, leaning towards the street under the weight of several bushes and an iron gate, rusted at the hinges, a little out of sorts, so that it scraped on the ground as Jo pushed it open. It wouldn’t take much to fix the gate, Antonello had a couple of hinges in the shed that would probably do. He thought about this as they walked up the path. The house was a rundown weatherboard cottage, with a small veranda. Jo opened the door and led him down a narrow hallway to the kitchen. Jo’s mother was standing at the sink chopping vegetables. In the background, the Eagles were singing Hotel California and she was singing along. ‘Mum,’ Jo called her and when Mandy turned around, ‘You remember Ash’s grandfather?’ Antonello watched the colour drain from Jo’s mother’s face. ‘Oh, yes of course,’ she said hesitating and then holding out her hand for Antonello to shake.. ‘... Please sit down. I’m so sorry for your loss…so sorry, Ashleigh was a lovely girl, I don’t know…’ ‘Yes.’ ‘I am so sorry.’ ‘Mandy, please I know.’ ‘Maybe you can make a cup of tea, Mum, I have to go and get Ash’s diaries.’ ‘Diaries? You have them...’ ‘Yes,’ Jo said as she left the room ‘Would you like a cup of tea?’ ‘No thank-you,
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