Summary Of Ziegler 's Black Death

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Victor Martinez
July 2, 2015
Mr. Blackburn
Microbiology 2420
Book Review

Ziegler’s Black Death

Zeigler wrote the Black Death in 1969, his objective for this story was to try and understand how the Black Death changed and shaped society at that time and the future to come. Philip Zeigler was born in Ringwood, Hampshire, he joined the British Foreign Service after he graduated with full honors from New College, Oxford. He served for the British Foreign Service in Bogota, Pretoria, and Laos. Zeigler retired in 1967 to pursue a career as a novelist, he began his career as a biographer.
Ziegler begins his book with about the origins of the Black Death in India, he starts of his book by explaining the accounts of the people of that time, their extremely imaginary perception of the plague as a punishment from God; “‘in the East, hard by Greater India, in a certain province, horrors and unheard of tempests overwhelmed the whole province for the space of three days. On the first day there was a rain of frogs, serpents, lizards, scorpions, and many venomous beasts of that sort… second, thunder was heard, and lightning and sheets of fire fell upon the earth… On the third day there fell fire from heaven and stinking smoke, which slew all that were left of men and beast.” (Ziegler pg. 14) The disease made its way to the Crimean Peninsula leaving death upon death anywhere it went too. “The plague settled in Tartar lands of Asia minor in 1346…. It left eighty-five thousand dead in the
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