Summary OfThe Moths By Helena Viramontes

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In “The Moths”, Helena Viramontes brings forth a life of depression, seared by a gradual compassion. A fourteen year old girl finds herself cleaning the body of her grandmother, now rotting from the inside, slowly being consumed by cancer and frailness. Shortly after her grandma’s life slips away the narrator is drawn to tears for the first time in forever. The root of this compassionate scene is built around the emotional relationship she had with her grandmother. Throughout the short story this young girl experiences a gloomy life. This was contributed by her feeling towards her self-appearance and personality, neglectful treatment from a majority of her family, and the forced paths that she was chosen to take growing up. However, her grandmother had created ripples in her life that shed light into her dark point of view towards her existence. Viramontes intends to present an existence of unhappiness and show that compassion can break through our toughest and darkest walls. To begin with, the narrator’s emotional bond that grew with her grandmother was slow but impactful. One day she was sick and her grandmother had taken care of her, using homemade balm she describes as “sun shining through the darkness of your eyelids” (Viramontes 33). As a result of this feeling of care and warmth she became fond of her time with her grandmother. Out of all her sibling, she was the one that chose to visit her and help with chores. On the contrary to the beliefs of her sisters, the
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