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In the 1948 film, “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” begins off with a Dobbs journey to obtain money in different ways. Along the way, he meets a man named Curtin that lended him a cigar. By the looks of it, both of the men got to know each other quickly since they had the same interest in finding new ways of making money after all they did not have much of it. Curtins was tired of living that hard life. As luck would have it they met an old timer named Howard who claims to know how to find gold in a Mexican Mountain. Dobbs and Howard accompany him considering the fact that he was old and would not be able to do much heavy lifting. As long as everyone came along with the agreement that they would split the money equally. Both of the men, Dobbs and Curtin, had a realization as they were heading into the mountains that they have a great deal in learning how to find the gold. Over the span of a couple of months, they accumulated thousands of dollars worth of gold. One day Curtin went into town for supplies and met a fellow American from Texas named Cody. Cody was suspicious of Curtin because of the possibility of gold in the mountains. Without Curtin knowing, Cody followed him back to the campsite where he discovered that gold did exist on the mountain. All three of the men, Howard, Dobbs and Curtin, got selfish and wanted the gold for themselves. They talked privately and agreement to murder Cody in order to keep the gold as a secret from the world. Before they got the

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