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A Summary of the Essay of Charles R. Lawrence III entitled “On Racist Speech” At the introduction of his essay, he expressly stated that he has spent the better part of his life as dissenter. To be a dissenter speaks outright the way he behaves in society because of his adherence to the liberties provided in the First Amendment. In avoiding discussions particularly the Freedom of Speech would just give the impression of tolerance specially the protection from government regulations concerning bad speech but could be achieve by practice of all concerned individuals. His apprehension about the resurgence of racial violence and the incidence of verbal assault and harassment especially of the minority groups are subject that cannot be…show more content…
Mr. Lawrence expounds on the fact that the promulgation of the First Amendment is to foster greater use of speech but not to serve racial insults. In all instances, the minority students or individual should keep away from vulnerable places, such as remaining in their rooms, in order to avoid racial assault from people with verbal abuse. It is only when the belief is infringed on others that the First Amendment becomes the law of restraint. When white Klu Klux Klan want to march and when Black Panthers want to hold rally, the First Amendment gives them the right to do so. But if that same group of people uses a microphone and blurt out racial slurs, then they have infringed upon the rights of others. While it is true that minority groups suffer pain and injury as the result of racist speech, we cannot escape the idea of allowing “hate mongering” for the interest of society in whole or in part. We need a free flow of ideas in all matters of dealing with one another especially in our democracy. There is an imperative need for us for a full understanding of the nature and extent of our speech, in this way no harm is inflicted. Wherever we stand and make decisions, remember that tolerance cannot be escaped if we want to be understood in society and that it may not be too heavy for blacks and other minority groups to bear the burden for our common good. In some issues the concerned parties should look for ways to participate in actions how to resist

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