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Argumentative Essay: Sorrow Acre In the short story, “Sorrow Acre”, by Isak Dinesen, there are three themes found throughout the story that teaches us about suffering, gender and moral character. The character, Anne Marie displays that overcoming suffering can lead to accomplishing happiness. The Old Lord’s young wife, Sophie Magdalena, feels as if she is no one can give her the affection and attention she desires and that her only purpose of her marriage is to bear the Old Lord a son. This a common misperception that many women have to tolerate. One of the main characters, Adam, exhibits a virtuous, moral character by challenging what is morally right in this story and he counters the old views of his uncle. I will support my themes in this essay, and give examples to further my claims. According to the Buddha, every aspect of life leads to suffering, such as: birth, death, sorrow and pain. In life, we cannot get rid of suffering and it’s almost essential to our everyday lives’. I agree with Buddha because as human beings, we have to undergo suffering, either willingly or unwillingly, it’s just a part of life. There are Four Noble Truths associated with suffering. The First Noble Truth, is to have acknowledge that there is suffering and that every human being is composed of the five aggregates of grasping suffering. Which includes the following: the aggregates of grasping form, feeling, perception, the mental formations, and consciousness. Since these aggregates cannot be

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