Summary On The Conflict Of Conflict

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SUMMARY ON Smith, Amy L. and Smock, David R., Managing a Mediation Process, pp. 37-61. & Crocker, Chester A., Taming Intractable Conflicts, 119-145. Taming Intractable Conflicts During negotiation, there are times when sudden incidents during a negotiation can lead to mistrust, rapid accusation and violence. These incidences can be terrorist attack, death of a key leader and others. Both parties might even terminate talk in these cases. In this case, the mediator can face personal attacks and public ridicule for leading the parties to the direction they did not want to go or shouldn’t have gone. When a conflict gets complicated, the author suggests to follow certain choices, which are Hanging on, Hunker down and Bail out. In case of a crisis, any mediator has to take up one of these choices. The choice of hanging on works when peacemaking seems to break apart and when there is tremendous support from the external agents. But due to change in ground situation, this option might not work. Sometimes, the parties are unwilling to respond. In these cases, the mediator acts defensively to protect the process of negotiation what has already been achieved. But when nothing works and if it seems that the process of negotiation is going nowhere and the political cost of staying is going high and the ultimate solution the parties want is violence, then, bailing out is the option. But hunkering down doesn’t always work. In case of emotionally charged atmosphere or bad peace process,
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