Summary On The Episode ( 3-4 Sentences )

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Summary of the Episode (3-4 sentences)
Relevance/Analysis (3-5 sentences that answer 1 or more of the guiding criteria)
Significant Quotation (supports character development)
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Chapter 6 Pages 46-47
Jane starts a conversation with Helen, a student who was flogged without reason. She can’t understand why Helen would bear the pain and not rebel.
Jane’s rebellious nature can be seen in this passage. She has a hostility towards violent authority. This is most likely caused by her time spent at the Reeds where she was constantly treated without respect.
“‘And if I were in your place I should dislike her; I should resist her. If she struck me with that rod, I should get it from her hand; I should break it under her nose.’”
Page 46
Chapter 17 Page 151
For the first time, Jane sees Miss Ingram, observing her closely. She realizes that Miss Ingram seems to feel that she is better than everyone else. Jane doesn’t seem to have many good feelings towards Miss Ingram.
Within this passage, it becomes obvious that Miss Ingram is exceedingly haughty. She boasts of her knowledge subtly, and loves to make herself seem superior to others. She is always seeking to seem better than everyone else whether knowledge-wise or skill-wise.
“It was not, however, so saturnine a pride! She laughed continually; her laugh was satirical, and so was the habitual expression of her arched and haughty lip. Genius is said to be self-conscious. I cannot tell whether Miss Ingram was a

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