Summary: Our Iceberg Is Melting by John Kotter

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Summary: Our Iceberg is Melting Foreword by Spenser Johnson: One the surface, the story of this book appears to be a fable that is relatively easy to grasp, but it does subtly impart an invaluable lesson on change. The book covers John Kotter’s Eight Steps to bring about successful organizational change and can be equally useful for a high-school student as it is for a CEO of a multi-national organization. Welcome Note by John Kotter: People do not often understand the need for change. Businesses, school systemsand even nations do not know understand what to do, how to make it happen and how to make it stick. This book shows the traps in which people often fall while facing the challenge of change - using a fable. A fable is used in here…show more content…
Of course, with some modifications. Even though Professor had a lot of questions in mind, he slept well that night. He knew that they have succeeded in creating a vision. Next morning Louis called for an assembly of the entire colony again. He wanted to talk about what the core team saw yesterday and wanted to keep it simple for there were a lot of slower birds in the colony. He was very charismatic in his approach and asked the colony “Do we respect each other? Are e disciplined? Do we have a strong sense of responsibility? Do we all stand for brotherhood and love for our young?” Each question followed with an enthusiastic “Yes” from the audience. He then to make a point asked “Is this because of an iceberg? Are we an iceberg?” Many got his point and some were confused and after a lull, a big “No” came up. Louis then called Buddy to talk of the seagull story and penguins were mesmerized with his wonderful story-telling. After the assembly was over, Alice suggested that ice-posters should be placed all over the colony and even under the sea, to remind the birds of the vision which was communicated in the meeting. A small group of thirty to forty birds started working on selection of scouts, mapping the trips and logistics of moving the colony. Louis was happy but then he received mixed set of news from various quarters of the colony. The enthusiasm in the birds was increasing and a lot of teenagers wanted to be scouts, less for the vision and

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