Summary: Out Of The Myths

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Out of the myths viewed in sex quiz, two would most likely affect someone of my culture leading to great disbelief. The first statement, for instance, men have stronger sexual desires than women, would have been agreed. However, in Western cultures, men have minimal restriction regarding sexual behavior and its expression, whereas as women are looked down upon and shamed; discouraging the likelihood of expression. Since men have the ability to expresses of sexual behavior and desires more than women, it therefore, leads to the misbelief that men have stronger sexual desires. The second myth, particularly viewed from a religious standpoint, is statement number five, a ruptured hymen is good evidence of non-virginity. In many traditional sex…show more content…
Individualistic societies tend to encourage freedom and expression, viewing sexual behaviors more broadly and considering sexual pleasures normal. In contrast, members from collectivists cultures are often discouraged from expression sexual behaviors and impose limiting conditions and specific circumstances in its expression. For instance, in these individualistic cultures, there is a permissive approach to different sexual forms, allowing women to expose most of their body parts, no strict definition on sexual identity and sexual orientation, and even has great tolerance towards homosexuality. However, collectivist societies refuse and limit these expression, some regarding chastity as essential, practicing circumcision for cleanliness and purity, others requiring women to be vailed and covered from head to foot, severely restricting gender roles, and having less tolerance towards homosexuality. These restrictions could likely path the way to myths as a form of justification. Both individualistic and collectivist societies, however, are potentially susceptible of holding inaccurate views about sexual behaviors. The statements on the quiz are only a few of the sexual myth still considered true by Western culture. There are numerous sexual myths, it just varies from culture to
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