Summary Overview Of Project. A Group Of Students From Hcap

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Summary Overview of Project A group of students from HCAP 3900, Technical Writing and Communication, at Tennessee State University, are petitioning for the institution to provide a nursery program available to the student’s children. With the implementation of a day care for the children, students will be able to comfortably attend their classes without having to worry about making arrangements for child care. We are aware that Tennessee State University already offers a preschool option for children, but the options are limited to a certain age range and only specific hours. We want child care to be available to children under the age of two and for the day care to be open for the duration of all class periods. Our plan would be to…show more content…
The main campus fee is $125 per week, meanwhile the downtown campus fee is $2.25 per hour for the first child, and $1.75 for every sixty minutes for each additional child. In addition, “the students are charged one dollar per minute for a late pickup” (, 2017). One major concern is the complications of the age requirement for children in daycare. For this reason, many students are not able to enroll or attend their academic courses. There is a need of a nursery between six weeks to two years old. Majority of the students rapidly must tackle new concerns with a newborn when wanting to re-enlist back to school. Therefore, it is recommended that a nursery is needed to be established in the Avon William Campus. Attention should be given to the issue that students lack the support for assistance in having a trustworthy caregiver. It has been perceived by students at Tennessee State University that they desire a nursery center for their child through a survey that was conducted to thirty selective students. In this survey, the findings indicated that 83% of students stated that they did know someone who are in need childcare assistance. Meanwhile, only 17% said they did not know someone who need childcare assistance. According to the all thirty students it was stated that breastfeeding is important to them. Only 27% had a child between the age of six weeks to two years, meanwhile 73% had no children. Our

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