Summary : ' Pathetic Assassin '

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Pathetic assassin
In this dark age of Japan, when deception, robbery, rape and murder is common, this village emanates an untainted mellow aura. It has a special place in my heart because this village is like the family that I never had. Since I was five, my lonely heart ached for love and a place where I could really and truly smile, and I had finally found it. But it all ends with this red letter.
This letter is from the almighty shogun of Japan. For centuries, our family has served under the Shogunate as special units. Since I was five, I have been carrying that line of tradition under the present Shogun.
It’s been 19 years since my first task. This person had committed a heinous crime against the Shogunate by not respecting orders. I
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For six years in this village, we worked under the same roof and became close friends. Hell, just a few hours ago, I even shared sake with him. And now in complete insignificant silence, my sword bathes in his deep red/ blood. In these cursed hands the only thing that remains is the blood of all these villagers who gave me love and trust.
This is how I do things. I am a professional assassin, I am used to betraying people and killing them. So, this feeling shouldn’t exist in me. But I feel it rekindle. My heart is burning and my gut is getting gnawed by a rodent. As if I am stabbing myself a hundred times over. My throbbing hands are going against my sense of duty. ***
This woman is the last villager left. Her name is Maya. Just one more quick strike on this woman and its over. But my hands won’t move. I can hear my heart pounding against my chest and a loud banging in my head. My sword is slipping from my sweat.
“CLANG!” Damn! It dropped.
She suddenly jumps up and exclaims “Johan! You surprised me.…what’s wrong?”
“No! Don’t look at me!” I scream trying to cover my blood drenched clothes.
“Johan…” Her eyes were full of disbelief.
WHAT DO I DO? I should have shut her forever by now. But it’s like I have been possessed. Why the hell am I shaking? This overwhelming feeling, I can’t take it
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