Summary: Privatization Of Private Prisons

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Conversely a considerable amount of people are proponents of private prisons in their community due to the alleged economic benefits that derive from them. NPR reported in 2011 on a town that not only welcomed a GEO Group prison, they desired it,
About 1,500 miles south of Hardin in Karnes County, Texas, you find a very different story. Last year, the county agreed to let a private prison company build a new 600-bed immigrant detention center there. It wasn't a tough vote because the company, GEO Group, already had one facility in Karnes County it built in 1998. "They have been tremendous corporate partners with the county and the people here in Karnes County," former Karnes County Judge Alger Kendall says. Each year, Kendall says, GEO Group
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Nonetheless the minimal benefits that could originate from the privatization of prisons is outweighed by the extensive draw backs. The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas reveals that the apparent savings and economic benefits of private prisons is drastically dramatized, “While you often hear the opposite, for-profit prisons do not save taxpayers money. State governments end up paying more because for-profit prison companies routinely underestimate the cost of oversight, healthcare, and background checks in their proposals. Studies have shown that building for-profit prisons results in no economic benefit to local communities” (ACLU of Texas 1). Furthermore the ACLU of Texas goes on to explain that, “the Safety and Conditions of these for-profit facilities are often more dangerous and have worse conditions than state-run facilities. They are found to have 50% more inmate-on-staff assaults and 2/3 more inmate-on-inmate assaults” (ACLU of Texas 3). Finally the ACLU of Texas explains that there is a gross lack of transparency, “For-profit prisons are exempt from many open government laws that apply to state-run facilities and do not have the same reporting requirements as state-run facilities. As a result, it is more difficult for a community to learn about what is happening inside private prisons, including abuse, unsanitary conditions, and misuse of tax dollars” (ACLU of Texas 2).…show more content…
Texas has a colorful history regarding issues on race, gender, education, and a host of other things. Undoubtedly Texas has found itself on the wrong side of many issues, but with time and persistence has sought to right many of those wrongs. Needless to say Texas once again finds itself on the wrong side of an issue. The private prison system in Texas has one goal: to make money. It is not difficult to understand that when a corporation(s) is given governmental authority (in this case to handle incarceration) and is not accountable to the citizens it’s engaged with, an abuse or over step of power is imminent. Nevertheless this is something that can be fixed. With more people becoming aware of this fraudulent system, the more questions are being asked and the more answers are being demanded. The State and local officials must be called on to cease contracts with all for-profit prison companies in Texas, including contracts with private transportation and medical care providers at Texas prison and jail facilities. Eliminating the for-profit prison model is a first step to ensuring that public safety, not profit, guides Texas’s criminal justice policy. Overtime and with persistence, Texas will find itself on the right side of this issue and will eliminate the prison industrial complex within this
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