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Psych 321 Writing assignment
In the text book the authors mention four internal factors that contribute to how a person’s personality might have been shaped. The main four external factors the display the biggest impact on one’s personality is the culture of the individual, social class family ties and lastly the individual’s peers (Cervone & Pervin, 2013). Culture plays a big part on shaping the personality, many of the experiences that occur when being a part of something bigger than yourself following its standards of living and applying the cultures practice to your everyday life. In cultures there are 3 main types of social class high, medium and low. Wherever an individual may fall in those three categories effects their perception of themselves as an individual in their culture. Family ties the most important of the four external factors in shaping a personality because they are always there for the individual their entire life. They are the ones the individual can look up to or fall back on, learn grow and achieve together with. Lastly the peers that a person affiliates themselves with is the last external factor on shaping a personality. The relationship an individual has with the peers in most cases are not as long lasting as family ties but still have the same benefits from them it just comes down to who the individual tends to affiliate themselves with to classify them as their peers, in which could lead to a strengthen or weaken their personality.

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