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COVER PAGE SUMMARY RISK REPORT Name: Charles Cunningham Date: Apr 13, 2014 Course: PROJ420 Project Name: Cunningham Tiny House Project EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report discusses the risk analysis process and results for the Cunningham Small House Project. This small house project is located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay. A risk analysis was performed to study project elements that could have an impact on the project cost and schedule. The analysis measures these possible impacts and allows an opportunity to identify a strategy against said risk, such as accept, mitigate, avoid, etc. The small house movement is a popular description for the architectural and social movement that advocates living…show more content…
CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS In conclusion, building a tiny home does come with some identified potential risk. I have determined which risks are a major threat to the project and those that could be overlooked. Keeping an open line of communication is one of the key factors in keeping the risk to a minimum. With a construction project of this size I do not foresee any MAJOR risk that could or would be detrimental to the project itself. It is my recommendation that we press forward with the project at the pace and plan that was previously put in place. APPENDICES COMPLETE RISK REGISTER STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS RISK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE COMPLETE RISK REGISTER ID | Risk Event | Probability | Impact | Risk Strategy | Risk Response | 1 | The complexity of the project is more than I can take on | Medium | High | - Keeping open communications between my wife and I as to what it is we want/need and or desire in our tiny home and setting boundries and guidelines. | - If we do not set limits then the Project could for sure get beyond what we started with and it could become much bigger than we wanted. | 2 | Physical Resources are not available | Medium | Medium | - Before the project begins a list is compiled of items needed, wanted, desired. As well as blue prints. | - Keeping track (list) of items required as well as items wanted will help in the search for those items. Purchasing items as you find them is key to success. | 3 | We don't have the finances
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