Summary: Sexual Harassment And Sexual Assault

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This paper is going to focus on a major issue throughout North America, sexual harassment and sexual assault. Both work in cohesion and arguably interrelated. This paper is going to investigate the ways in which the media depicts sexual harassment and sexual assault, and identify the problems and implications of their common approaches. This paper is going to identify the motivations, such as to profit, the initiative to sell, working alongside with the notion of sensitization of crime. The first article of investigation titled, ‘Victim-blaming is still alive and well’, by Nancy Hixt on November 11th, 2015 explores the recent and controversial case were by an Albertan judge expressed both biases and victim-blaming in court. Sheldon Kennedy, a sexual abuse survivor and activist for victims of sexual assault and harassment speaks about the continuance of victim blaming in the present Canadian judicial system. Sheldon Kennedy was a driven hockey player and made his way to the NHL, however with the backlash he received after he filled charges of sexual assault to his coach Graham James, many believed he ‘slept his way to the top’ and underwent extensive victim blaming throughout his young adulthood.
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