Summary: Should Government Regulate Businesses With Respect To Privacy Online

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Should government regulate businesses with respect to privacy online? Yes, “GfK found that one in three consumers claimed to have been directly impacted by misuse of personal data in the last year, with 60% saying their concern about data privacy has increased in the last year”. (Geoff Duncan). “One half of respondents say the U.S . government is not doing enough to protect their data, and almost 80% said there should be strong regulations governing how data brokers and others can repurpose personal information”. (Geoff Duncan). People have had their credit cards, social security numbers and their children’s personal things stolen. Some people have had their email and social accounts hacked. The internet can be a positive thing and a negative…show more content…
Promoting local sourcing as the basis of an alternative social model to transnational capitalism.

2. Promoting French economic performance as an alternative to the American dominance of capitalist markets.

“The politicization of film and its centrality to projections of national identity to ensure considerable barriers to market entry for would-be American exhibitors. Multiplex development is dominated by French companies’ market structured by France”. (Richard Kuisel).

The internet has changed the way we live and the way we do business. I could live with or without the internet. I am used to not having material things. People today say they cannot go anywhere without their technology. “Technology has created a number of issues that companies have to deal with such as privacy and property rights”. (O. Ferrell).” Sustainability Issues: impact global warming, pollution, cap and trade, and biodiversity. Influence on Society: Internet, Privacy, Intellectual Property, Health, and Quality of life. Walmart has taken the leadership position in sustainability; *Zero Carbon *Emissions * Recycling and reuse”. (O. Ferrell). There are some positive and negative things that deal with our technology. “Even a small business with a website can reach markets around the
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