Summary : Should Liam Be Glad He Is Not A Murderer?

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The episode opens with Grace alone at home, hearing a noise she calls out to daughter Zoe but gets no response. As Grace makes her way to the kitchen she grabs a glass of wine and some leftovers for dinner. While on the phone to Zoe, Grace assures her she is fine and that the arrest was just a big mix up. As Grace hangs up the phone a stocky man approaches her from behind and attempts to garrote her. In a fight across the house, Grace manages to subdue her attacker and then phones her father for help. Basking in the majesty of the newly made EM Drive, Darius, and Liam remark on their achievement over the Russians, and EM Drive that actually works. Liam is conflicted about the news that Croft is alive. Should Liam be glad he is not a…show more content…
Back a the Pentagon the meeting with the Russians is in full swing, with Darius briefing the room on the plan for the launch of the rocket Goliath (that will hopefully rid them of the asteroid) During the meeting Darius sensing something is wrong, follows Grace to her office afterward only to learn of the attempt on her life the night earlier. The two start to theorize about why she was targeted and surmise it was to kill the deal and launch that would save humanity. Grace gives Darius the hitman's cellphone, as she does it rings but the caller hangs up without saying a word. If someone is checking the job is done, is Grace still at risk. Jillian and Liam are back at Tanz and it would seem that they are on the way to patching up their relationship. After seeing her off to work he joins Darius and the Russians as they gather around the EM Drive. Leaving Liam to the handle the EM Drive and the scientists presumably to find Graces nemesis. At a coffee shop, Zoe is spilling her secrets to Harris’ son who is also a member of Ry/syst and it looks like he is about to recruit her, but why? And what work will she be doing? Tess the helpful A.I doesn't take long to decrypt the hitman's phone, just as Darius and Grace were about to kiss too! Darn it Tess, just let them kiss for real. As the messages are decrypted, Darius learns that he
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