Summary : ' Sorry, But Your Soul Just Died '

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Ricky Vong
PSY 3711

Sorry, But Your Soul Just Died

The article, “Sorry, but Your Soul Just Died” was an enjoyable read. Tom Wolfe article was quite amusing, and filled with details. Yet, Wolfe was able to connect and draw out the soul, moral code, and justice within the “neuroscience” discipline. It encapsulated the aggressive materialism of some new-age scientists. Furthermore, to these self-assured scientific investigators—the concept that the spirit may occur separately from the body is just absurd. Alternatively, everything is on the “threshold of a unified theory,” and a human’s “temperament,” “role preferences,” “emotional responses,” “levels of aggression,” and “moral choices” are genetically determined. And some established theories about “the mind,” “the self,” “the soul,” and “free will” are nothing but an illusion. In other words, humans’ beings are “wired” this way, and religion was probably a mishap. The article was difficult to follow at times, however, I think Wolfe anticipated the “neuroscience revolution” would start a public debate of whether god actually existed (I guess Wolfe understood these central claims carried in thinking like this).
The idea that our genetic code controls most aspects of our lives is arguable. Nowadays, scientists (cell biologists, neuroscientists, etc.) are uncovering concrete evidence that are genetic code is only one of the many complex system of the human body that sways our lives. According to one new study, (“Do
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