Summary: Ted Smith Conservation Internship

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I am writing to apply for an internship through the Ted Smith Conservation Internship Program, a program that I learned about through the Environmental Science advising office at Iowa State University. I am excited to learn about this opportunity, and I believe that I would be an excellent fit for the program. I will be entering my junior year at Iowa State pursuing a degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Geographic Information Science. I am from Clinton, Iowa, which is located on the Mississippi River, and also where my interest in the areas of environment and conservation first began. Being an area that relies heavily on natural resources for both the local economy and for recreational use, my appreciation for the outdoors and natural resources has flourished from my hometown. Being from the Midwest, a place where a majority of land is cultivated or developed in some way, I am interested in areas where land remains untouched. This is why I am extremely interested in working in Alaska and its outstanding…show more content…
I see environmental education as an opportunity to create passionate young leaders and to educate them on current environmental issues. I believe that my role as a First Year Honors Program Leader has helped prepare me to assist in creating plans for environmental education and community outreach, which are also components of the internship positions that I am applying for. As an honors program leader, I had to create lesson plans for incoming freshmen in a bi-weekly seminar style class to help ease their transition to Iowa State. In addition to this, my time as a tutor for entry level life science classes has shown me my potential as an educator in the environmental field. Leading a class of twelve freshmen students and being a tutor has helped me to increase interpersonal relationship skills and taught me to educate through fun, engaging
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