Summary: The Benefits Of Spanking

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An infant’s trust starts developing in the very beginning based on our ability to nurture and care for them. Their emotions towards the world around them throughout their life depends on the early experiences they face in the first months of life. It’s okay to tend to a crying infant as soon as possible, despite the common belief we may spoil them. Well taken care of babies enjoy themselves more during games, and develop trust and love for their caretakers. Later during that first year, a nurtured child is able to differentiate between loved ones and stranger, crying or appearing upset when encountering an unknown person. The world becomes a new place full of discoveries and adventures. After learning to crawl or walk, a toddler’s curiosity…show more content…
It would be very beneficial to spread the ideas across the population, so that overall violence can be decreased at its source. The small impact it may make on each child will carry over into the rest of their lives and provide better emotionally healthy individuals. Spanking is seen as a means of disciplining their children in which is intertwined with religious beliefs, cultural views, government, law, and social policy and has great impacts on mental and physical health. The pro-corporal punishment view is represented by the misconstrued biblical quotation, "spare the rod and spoil the child" (Proverbs 13:24). The view has beliefs that desirable consequences such as respect for authority, good behavior, socialization, follow from the use of spanking, negative consequences result from not spanking, and responsible parenting includes such…show more content…
Although spanking was effective with immediate compliance, the further results included decrease in morals, low quality parental relationships, poor mental health, and increases in delinquent behavior. It is important to analyze the definition of spanking. In cases where it became rather harsh punishments, more negative outcomes resulted. The evidence suggests that spanking that is frequent and harsh is often associated with undesirable mental and physical health outcomes Mild spanking seems to be useful to produce compliance and avoid harmful effects.. The effects of very mild, occasional spanking are not well studied or sufficiently clear from available
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