Summary: The Benefits Of Vaccinations

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We all know what it’s like to get a shot whether it’s a flu shot or tetanus shot. But, have you ever thought about how important these vaccinations are? Vaccinations save lives everyday, yet millions of Americans choose not to vaccinate their children. 10 to 20 percent of parents choose not to vaccinate and the number is slowly rising. Many parents choose to not vaccinate, because they're concerned with safety. Sure, there are some possible side effects, but the benefits far outway the risks. States should require parents to vaccinate their children, because it if parents don’t vaccinate it endangers their children, spreads dangerous diseases, and puts people who are unable to vaccinate in danger.
First, if you decide to not vaccinate your
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Areas with large percentages of unvaccinated are more likely to have outbreaks. In 2014 the U.S.experienced a record high 667 measles cases in 2014. The outbreak was contributed to an increased number in vaccine refusals. Large outbreaks can be triggered by a single person. In minnesota a single unvaccinated boy who visited Kenya caused a measles outbreak that infected over 21 people.
Third, many people are unable to get vaccinations for legitimate reasons, so by rejecting vaccination you could be endangering them. Children under six months, pregnant women, people with specific allergies, cancer victims, and many more are unable to get vaccines. So, if an outbreak occurs they can’t just get a vaccination, if an outbreak occurs and you’re unvaccinated, you still have a chance of be able to get a vaccination before you catch the virus. Many people don’t have that option. States should absolutely require parents to vaccinate their children. Vaccination is a necessity. It would save so many lives. We would be able to contain and stop diseases and protect those who are the most vulnerable. So, next you know someone is going to make the decision to vaccinate their child whether it’s a parent or an Aunt or Uncle or maybe it’s you making the choice to vaccinate your own child far from now, make sure the right choice is
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