Summary : ' The Blonde '

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“Commander…” Akasa, your second in command, knocks on your door. “Come in, Akasa.” She closes the door after her and walks up to you, giving you a small bow. “Can I ask you something?” You nod your head as you continue to braid your long hair. “Does he know what you’re leading tomorrow?” “No, he does not. And it will stay that way. He’ll only try to stop me and I will not let that happen. It’s been a long time coming and I’m not letting anyone stand in my way.” “We’re outnumbered, Commander. Think this through, Y/N.” “Oh, I have. We’re attacking the first group they send out. Then the second and the third. The plan is to weaken them, we can’t afford more deaths.” “The blonde. Are you still in contact with her?” “Yes, I’m in contact with Clarke. I’m seeing her tonight to make sure everything will go to plan.” “Be safe.” Akasa is the only one who knows about the relationship you have with Bellamy in your clan. Your tribe, The Ice Clan, have had a lot of differences with the tribe of the Tree People and you’ve finally had enough of their ways. Tomorrow is the day in which you’re going to attack The Tree People just before they plan to attack The Arkers. Bellamy’s people. *** “I have to leave soon, Bellamy.” You say as you get out of the bed grabbing your shirt off the floor. You and Bellamy are at the secret bunker you two normally meet up in. Usually, you stay a little while longer, but tonight, you needed to see Clarke. “You can’t stay a little while longer? I’m set
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