Summary : ' The Call Centre '

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Organizational Behaviour - MGT1007M

Tutor: Pipa Gelder

Student: Aigerim Kuanysh 14467204

Using the case study ‘The Call Centre’ produce a written analysis of experiences of work, supported with appropriate theories and evidence plus practical examples from the case study.

Word count: 1834

-Look at management from historical perspective
-Recognize management in a sociological and ideological context
- Evaluate historical and contemporary theories
-Identify major managerial trends in the case study
-Managerial style of Nev
-Priorities of Nev and other managers, supported by examples
- Conclusion

Organisational behaviour is the study of the structure and management of organizations, their environment, and the actions and interactions or their individual members and groups. (Heath and Sitkin, 2001)

In the beginning of 20th century, when the industrialization started taking over, a number of organizational experiments took a place. They were consisted by The Hawthorne studies, they are still relevant in nowadays organizational management. The first of the experiments was “The illumination experiment” taken in 1924-1927 by A Western Electric Company. The observation during the experiment “explored the relationship between the quality of illumination and efficiency”, the lighting was only one of the factors affecting productivity of workers. (Huczynski, A., Buchanan, D., 2013)
Later in 1927-1933…
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