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The case presented below explains the current situation of TomTom Telematics (referred to as ‘TTT’ from hereon in) and the problem related to the client onboarding and data integration issues with a tool called WEBFLEET that fits across the different platforms. This issue brings consequences to different areas of the company but mainly sales, marketing and customer support departments. All of them are currently using different systems to manage internal and external processes. There is a critical need for an integrated system of data that allows the different metrics analysis. The biggest challenge so far, find one way to integrate such data, allowing TTT to analyze metrics and integrated record of user 's journeys, feedback and
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Page Break TomTom Telematics (TTT)
TomTom NV is a Dutch company that produces traffic, navigation and mapping products as well as fleet management systems. Its B2C unit also produces and commercializes action cameras, GPS sport watches and location-based products.
TTT is one of TomTom NV’s four business units. With over 15 years in the market, WEBFLEET is their award-winning fleet management solution, which provides real-time information about vehicle location, enabling customers to increase their fleet efficiency and service levels, interact with their drivers and workforce, save on fuel and maintenance, and connecting them to a whole ecosystem of complementary third party applications.
With more than 46,000 customers, TTT is Europe’s largest provider of fleet management solutions, with over a 12% share of active telematics units. TomTom Telematics: Facing customer attrition
It was February 15th and Thomas Schmidt was driving to TomTom’s headquarters in Amsterdam, anxious to celebrate with his team the achievement of 2017’s first milestone: surpassing the barrier of 700,000 connected vehicles.1 The company PR manager had already prepared the press release to reinforce its positioning as the market leader for two years in a row.2 However, he was still concerned about a report he read a month ago, regarding the growth track of the division he led. Thomas has overseen the Telematics division for over 11 years after
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