Summary : ' The Circus '

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I was ten years old, and the Ringling Brothers Circus had come to Burbank, Illinois, which was astonishing since nothing ever came to Burbank, except for lost tourists, and truck drivers during the sweltering heat of the summer who stopped off to get coffee or take a quick leak at the local Citgo. Every kid on the block was eager to catch a glimpse of a tear stained clown and the infamous Bearded Lady, but most of all, the animals that declared their presence with their cries that shook the ground. The kids tried to sneak in through the holes in the fencing that had been temporarily erected by the circus, so that we could watch without having to pay for a ticket. My first glimpse of the circus, in fact, was while I was hiding underneath the bleachers and peering through the feet of wandering people and the occasional flash of bright clothing. Slipping through the crowd, as I walked past juggling clowns and heard the deep baritone voice of the Bearded Lady, I was pulled towards the colossal circus tent by an unseen force as I stood dumbfounded by the blur of red, green, and blue dancing across my vision. In a daze, I entered the tent and noticed the inside was painted with stars, which gradually awakened me from my stupor. Painting stars seemed like an act city people would do, because they did not know that if they took down the tent, real stars would illuminate and decorate the sky instead. I had grown with the outdoors; you could not live on the edge of White Pines State

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