Summary : ' The Death Hound '

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Meanwhile Some where in Haafingar

A woman and her death hound walked along through the almost desolate hold of Hasfingar. This woman wasn 't a vampire, surprisingly. The death hound would have made it seem like that though.

She stopped at an old ruined tower called Widow Watch Ruin. It wad a collapsed tower on its side. It was crumbling even more than it was twenty years ago when the Dragonborn slew Alduin and her mother first adopted her. Now bits of vegetation grew at the base, struggling to survive in the cold environment.

Only parts of the tower weren 't entirely caved in. Which made it livable.

The traveler walked in, her dog following. She put a flame spell in her hand and walked over to a group of candles. She carefully lit them. Now you could see her small little set up.

The candles were almost stubs and on the rotting wooden planks you could see wax that had dried on the floor. A small bed roll was lain a crossed the floor and beside it wad a wooden chest that she found amongst the ruble. A crossbow sat atop of it with a quiver of about ten bolts next to it.

Leaning against a wall was a Dawngaurd axe that her father had given her. On a small crate that she had also found in the ruins was a stack of books her mother had given her. And a few her father gave her for birthday presents after her mother betrayed the Dawngaurd.

She picked up a book about Atherius. It was the first book her mother had given her. She smiled and remember the first time she met…
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