Summary : ' The Digital Escape '

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Lamia Chatriwala
The Digital Escape
Standing alone, hunched over listening to news headlines, this is how Theodore Twombly rides the train. When the system in his ear comes to the article whose headline describes a pregnant actress who took naked photos, his face lights up. He then pulls out his flip screen to look at these photos. The camera pans out to showcase the entire car where everyone has a little piece of machinery lodged in their ear. It is clear that Theodore is lonely and depressed. Nevertheless, in a train car full of people, everyone ignores each other. No facial expression looks friendly enough to strike up a conversation.
Theodore is broken. He lacks the intimacy of human interaction. In a city full of people, he has no constant person he can turn to. When he pulls out his screen to view the photos of the naked pregnant actress it is because he lacks love in his life. When he views the photos, he feels lust, which is as close to love as he has. This pattern is seen again when he contacts sexy kitten. His life has become so lonely he reaches out to a faceless stranger to receiving the slightest bit of pleasure and intimacy. Consequently, this interaction doesn’t go well for Theodore as sexy kitten turns out to be turned on by being choked by a dead cat which really turns Theodore off. Viewers learn that he has a broken relationship with his mother and soon-to-be ex-wife. His interactions with women just continue to let him down as no one seems to relate well
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