Summary : ' The Dignity Of The Human '

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Summary of article Gardium et Spes – The Dignity of the Human
God is of supreme importance, as creatures of earth we need to relate to God and see ourselves as being creations of God, here we are able to see our human dignity and acknowledge that in order to be truly one with God we need to “love and devote” ("Gaudium Et Spes" 2016) ourselves. We have been told from scared scriptures that man was created “in the image of God” (Gen. 1:27), through the church man can be understood and any amount of despair man holds can be looked upon in the light of the church and be consoled this enables man’s dignity to not be diminished.
Man turned himself against God by listening to the serpent, Adam and Eve didn’t see God as the almighty creator of all things and choose to follow the serpent’s evil words. Even though man sinned, God still calls him to respect himself and forbids man to succumb to the evilness that can be found in himself. God made man and women to live together in communion with one another. God created man and women so they can communicate and relate to each other, it’s through relations such as this man and women can realise their full potential and truly flourish. God’s creation of Adam and then later Eve, allowed a relationship to form and develop both with each other and with God. God equipped them to work with each other, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper as his partner” (Gen. 2:18).God intended Adam and Eve to be extremely…

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